Part 2 – Configuring Infoworks for an existing DBX Workspace

Part 2 – Configuring IW into an existing DBX Workspace

The following steps are illustrated in the video tutorial.

  1. Verify MS Azure Databricks (DBX) instance settings (2nd octet may vary)
    • Vnet Name: iw4dbx-vn
      1. Public: public-subnet /
      2. Private: private-subnet /
    • Region: US West 2
    • URL: (copy DBX endpoint URL to notes)
  2. Launch DBX workspace, generate User Token from User Settings
    • Comment: iw4dbx
    • Lifetime: 90 days (default)
    • User Token: (copy DBX user token to notes)
  3. In MS Azure, create Infoworks for Databricks from the Marketplace
    • Subscription: (user subscription)
    • Resource Group: (create new) iw4dbx-IW-rg
    • Region: US West 2 (or same as target DBX Workspace)
    • Virtual Network: (verify same as DBX cluster) IW4dbx-vn 
    • IW Subnet (manage config > add subnet) 
      1. Add Subnet: iw-subnet / 
      2. (accept remaining defaults)
    • DBX Workspace URL: (as copied above)
    • DBX Workspace Token: (as copied above)
  4. Configure Infoworks
    • VM Name: infoworks (default)
    • Linux username: infoworks 
    • Auth Type: Password (default, or SSH)
    • Password: (provide secure password or SSH config)
    • Public IP / Hostname: (accept defaults)
    • IW VM / DBX Cluster Types: (ensure AZR quota and accept defaults)
  5. When complete, open Deployment Outputs 
    • DataFoundry URL: (copy to notes)
    • DataFoundry VM SSH: (copy to notes)
  6. Launch and access Infoworks
    • Open IW endpoint URL (bookmark in browser)
    • Accept privacy warning (config CA signed SSL cert for production)
    • Click licensing link
    • Request Free Trial license
    • Log in using default credentials (from email, copy default credentials)
    • Change password
    • Install IW license (from email, copy delivered license)
    • (Optional) add/update credentials
    • Complete Interactive Guide(s)