Infoworks Tutorials

Infoworks deployment from the GCP Marketplace

In this video tutorial, you will be quickly introduced to deploying Infoworks from the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. Once you have watched this short video, follow the instructions below to deploy Infoworks.

  1. Coordinate with your IT Cloud Admin to configure project prerequisities
  2. Required APIs (APIs & Services > Dashboard | Library)
    • Compute Engine API (enabled by default)
    • Cloud Dataproc API
    • Cloud Deployment Manager V2 API
    • Cloud Runtime Configuration API
  3. Required network configuration
    • Allow public TCP ingress via port 443
    • Implement signed SSL certificate (self-signed by default on deployment)
  4. Verify ability to create Storage Buckets
    • Required for later sync-to-target operations (e.g., synchronization with BigQuery)
  5. Navigate to a GCP project configured for Infoworks
  6. Locate Infoworks in the GCP Marketplace (Marketplace > (search “infoworks”)
  7. Review description, licensing, cost estimates and resources
  8. Launch Infoworks deployment
    • Review default name, region, and CPU types/volumes
    • Verify project quotas for chosen CPU types/volumes (IAM & Admin > Quotas > Filter Table (Limit Name: “cpu”))
    • Identify target network configured above
  9. Deploy Infoworks to GCP project
    • Review post-deployment resources
    • Note default Admin credentials
    • Open Infoworks Web UI
  10. Obtain and configure license and credentials
    1. Note Infoworks Installation ID
    2. Open and submit Infoworks licensing request form
    3. Open Infoworks using default Admin credentials
    4. Change default Admin password
    5. Configure license
  11. Launch and complete Interactive Guide for your preferred use case